Webcam Benefits

Why Coastal Camera Network?

Our team of experts have dedicated over 12 years to staying on top of the live streaming curve.  Our price point set to beat out most, if all competition and our team has built the perfect turn-key streaming product for any sized client!

With Coastal Camera Network, we’ll consult you on how to setup a live webcam easily, offereing great remote support and turn key streaming solutions.

Setup a Live Cam

Having a webcams is a great way to build website traffic, increase search engine rankings, and keep visitors coming back!  Here is a list of other benefits with having your own HD webcam:
  • Kick-start any marketing campaign
  • Give your social media strategy a boost and integrate your live camera!
  • Webcast any event happening in front of your venue!
  • Monetize your live video with video and display ads!
  • Streaming Views on TV’s – Work with us to setup a live stream on a Flat Screen TV!
  • Content & Keywords – Surround your webcam with related content using your website’s targeted keywords and phrases

How to Monetize a Live Stream

Get yourself an audience and explore the many ways to make money with a live stream.  Whether it be grabbing sponsorships from local businesses or publishing display or video ads back to your own business, Coastal Camera Network can provide all of the tools needed to maximize yeild back to your bottom line!

Monetize Your Live Cam

Having a webcam is great for driving traffic back to your website. The best way to monetize that traffic is by placing display and video ads around your live stream!